A buyer's guide to suppliers of non-GMO and organic seeds, grains, ingredients, feed and foods

The Organic & Non-GMO Sourcebook suppliers of non-gmo food products

Important Note about Non-GMO Claims

While the companies listed in The Organic & Non-GMO Sourcebook may claim that their products are non-GMO, the publisher cannot guarantee or verify such claims.

Non-GMO claims are verified by the supplier, the customer, and, preferably, a third-party certifier. To protect themselves and their customers, suppliers that make non-GMO claims should implement rigorous systems of identity preservation/traceability combined with GMO testing and third-party verification to validate the accuracy of such claims.

Likewise, companies that buy products claiming to be “non-GMO” should ask suppliers for documented proof of such claims to protect their interests.

NON GMO Project VerifiedThe Non-GMO Project is meeting the need for an industry standard for non-GMO claims. It offers a program to verify the non-GMO status of food and other products.