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Index of Non-GMO Suppliers by Product Category

Animal Feed

* Company carries organic products. Check with supplier about this product.
* Non-GMO Project verified company

Bio-Ag Consultants and Distributors * (Canada)
Codrico B.V. (Europe)
Davies Feeds (Europe)
GaMa S.A. * (Latin/South America)
Growers International Organic Sales, Inc. * (Canada)
Gujarat Ambuja Exports Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Kialla Pure Foods Pty., Ltd. * (Asia/Australia)
Mostert Oilseeds B.V. (Europe)
Organique International Organic * (Canada)
Phinix International (Asia/Australia)
Rivara S.A. * * (Latin/South America)
RKW Sued GmbH (Europe)
Sassaroli Organic Agribusiness * (Latin/South America)
ST-Lawrence Beans (a division of Agrocentre Belcan) * (Canada)
TopAgri S.p.a. * (Europe)
Unimills B.V. (Europe)
Western Alfalfa Milling Company, Ltd. * (Canada)
WGC Exports, Inc. (Canada)
S T Organics, LLC *
Advanced Biological Concepts *
AgMotion *
All Star Trading *
Bluestem Farm Supply, LLC
Braswell Foods *
Bridgewell Resources, LLC *
Buxton Feed Co.
Ceres Commodities, LLC
CFS Specialties, Inc. *
Clarkson Grain Company, Inc. *
Cold Springs Farm *
Countryside Organics *
Davis Trade & Commodities *
Deaf Smith County Grain
Doguet's Rice Milling *
F.W. Cobs Company Inc. *
Farmers Coop *
Grain Place Foods, Inc. * *
High Altitude Organics, Inc.
Hiland Naturals / Triple-M-Farms *
Hiland Naturals, Ltd. *
Hostetler Feed & Farm Supply
Hügelland Feed, Inc.
Hy View Organic Feeds *
James Frantzen Farm Services, LLC
King Feeds *
La Crosse Milling Company *
Lackawanna Products *
Lakeview Organic Grain, LLC *
Malt Products Corporation *
MannaTrade *
Matthews Grain & Storage
McGeary Organics *
Midwest Organic Farmers Cooperative *
Modesto Milling, Inc. *
Nature's Best Organic Feeds *
Nature's Grown Organics *
Nature's Way Feed, Inc. *
NewOrganics, Inc. * *
Organic Bean and Grain *
Organic Partners International, LLC
Ozark Organics
Pacific Ag Commodities *
Pacific Soybean & Grain
Phoenix Organic Feed *
Professional Proteins, Ltd. *
Ranch Way Feeds *
RiceBran Technologies
Scratch and Peck Feeds * *
Simmons Grain Co. *
SK Food International * *
SunOpta *
Super Feeds * *
Texas Natural Feeds
The Scoular Company *
Union Point Custom Feeds *
Verity Farms
Vlieger Farm Supply, Inc.
West Dakota Feed & Seed *
Yorktown Organic Feed *
Zeeland Farm Services, Inc. / Zeeland Food Services, Inc.