A buyer's guide to suppliers of non-GMO and organic seeds, grains, ingredients, feed and foods

The Non-GMO Sourcebook suppliers of non-gmo food products
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Non-GMO Suppliers by Company Name

Tuba Trade (Asia/Australia)
7th Heaven Farm, LLC
A Greener World
A'Bunadh Seeds (Canada)
Aarna Consultancy & Trade (Asia/Australia)
ABS Food (Europe)
Aceites de Semillas S.A (Europe)
ACES (Asia/Australia)
Acres USA
Activ International / Givaudan
Adams Group
Adani Wilmar, Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
ADM Spyck GmbH (Europe)
Advanced Biological Concepts
Advanced Ingredients, LLC
Advanced Organic Materials S.A. (AOM) (Latin/South America)
AFG Brasil S.A. (Latin/South America)
AG Alumni Seed
Agdia, Inc.
Agra Development International
AGRANA Stärke GmbH (Europe)
Agrano GmbH & Co. KG (Europe)
Agrawal Global Services (Asia/Australia)
Agrawal Oil & Biocheam (Asia/Australia)
Agri Exim, Ltd.
Agri International, LLC
AgriCert (Europe)
Agricola Grains SpA (Europe)
Agridient, Inc.
Agrigen (Asia/Australia)
AgriGold Hybrids
AgriSystems International
Agro Solvent Products, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Agrokor trgovina d.d. (Europe)
AgroTrace S.A. (Europe)
AGT Foods, Inc.
Aipu Food Industry Co., Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Ajit Singh Om Parkash, Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Ak Nisasta Ind. & Trade Corp. (Asia/Australia)
Albert Lea Seed
ALC (American Lecithin Company)
Alden Group Brands
All Star Trading
All-Tex Seed, Inc.
Alpro Comm. V.A. (Europe)
Amaggi Agro (Latin/South America)
Amano Enzyme USA Co., Ltd.
America Pampa Agroindustrial S.A. (Latin/South America)
American Chemie, Inc.
American International Foods, Inc.
American Natural Processors, Inc.
American Organic
Analitus (Ecocerta) (Latin/South America)
Andre-Adiba, LLP (Europe)
Annie's Heirloom Seeds
Annual Guelph Organic Conference & Trade Show/Sampling Fair (Canada)
Ardent Mills
Argencert SRL (Latin/South America)
Arla Foods Ingredients Group (Europe)
Arvind Limited (Asia/Australia)
Askagro Commodities, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Atlantic Soy Corporation (Canada)
Austrade, Inc.
Avafina Commodities (Canada)
Axiom Foods, Inc.
Ayrshire Farm
Azteca Milling, LP
B & B Farms
B&G Seed Company
B&S Research / Farm for Profit
Bagdad Roller Mills
Baird Seed Company
Baker Brothers
Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co.
Bar ALE, Inc.
Barkley's Mill on Southern Cross Farm
Basic Food Flavors
Bauman's Cedar Valley Farms
Bay State Milling Co.
Beaver Creek Feed Co.
Berg + Schmidt GmbH & Co. (Europe)
Berlin Natural Bakery
Bes Bean Company, Inc.
BIC Service (Europe)
Big Cob Hybrids
Big Gain Wisconsin, LLC
BIO PHARMA (Asia/Australia)
Bio-Ag Consultants and Distributors (Canada)
Bio4ever SL (Europe)
BioAgriCert (Europe)
Biogenetic Services, Inc.
Biogenic Enterprises
BIOLER SME, Ltd. (Europe)
BioMass Renewable Technologies (BRT)
Biopress S.A.S. (Europe)
Biorigin Brazil (Latin/South America)
Biorigin US
Biotecon Diagnostics GmbH (Europe)
Birchwood Cafe
Blue Pacific Flavors
Blue River Organic Seed
Bluegrass Farms of Ohio, Inc.
Bluestem Farm Supply, LLC
Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods, Inc.
Botanic Innovations, LLC
Botanical Interests, Inc.
Bountiful Gardens
Boyd Station, LLC
Bridgewell Agribusiness, LLC
Briess Malt & Ingredients Co.
BRMill Alimentos (Latin/South America)
Broadgrain Commodities, Inc. (Canada)
Brownseed Genetics, Inc.
Brushvale Seed, Inc.
BTSA Biotechnologias Aplicadas (Europe)
Buchheit Agriculture
Bunge Grain of Canada, Inc. (Canada)
Bunge North America
Buxton Feed Co.
Byron Seeds, LLC
Caldic Canada, Inc. (Canada)
California Crop Improvement Association
California Natural Products
Callingwood Agricultural Services, Inc. (Canada)
Camp Point Seed Co.
Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (Canada)
Canfield Family Farm
Capitol Food Company
Cappel Certified Seeds, Inc.
Captain Drake
Caramuru Alimentos S.A. (Latin/South America)
Cargill, Inc.
Carolina Ingredients
Carolina Innovative Food Ingredients (CIFI)
Catania Oils
CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers)
Center for Food Safety
Center for Rural Affairs
Centra Foods
Centre for Systems Integrations (CSI) (Canada)
Century Sun Oil
Cereal Byproducts Co. and CerCo Ingredients
Cereal Docks Spa (Europe)
Cereal Ingredients, Inc.
Ceres Commodities, LLC
Cert ID Do Brasil (Latin/South America)
Cert ID Europe (Europe)
Cert ID, LC
Certified Organic Business Solutions
CFS Specialties, Inc. (Cashton Farm Supply, Ltd.)
CFT Corporation (Canada)
Chaffhaye, Inc.
Chenchee Grains and Consumable Oils Co., Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Chesapeake Fields Farmers Cooperative
Choice Grain, LLC
CHS, Inc.
Ciranda, Inc.
Citizens, LLC
Citrique Belge (Europe)
CJS Trading Co.
Clabber Girl Corporation
Clark Specialty Grains
Clarkson Grain Company, Inc.
Clarkson Soy Products, LLC dba Clarkson Specialty Lecithins
Clear Labs
Clofine Dairy & Food Products, Inc.
Codrico Rotterdam B.V. (Europe)
Cold Springs Farm Organics, LLC
Colony Products
Colorado Federal Agency
Colorado Mills
Columbus Vegetable Oils
Consolidated Grain and Barge Co.
Control Union Certifications (Europe)
COTRIMAIO (Cooperative Agropecuaria Alto Urugaui), Ltda. (Latin/South America)
Coyote Creek Organic Feed Mill
Crooked Creek Acres, Inc. (Canada)
CSP Labs
Custom Commodities, LLC
Custom Ingredients, Inc.
D.F. Seeds, Inc.
Dakota Pride Cooperative
Daniel-Trading SA (Europe)
Danube Soya Association (Europe)
Davidson Commodities, Inc.
De Dell Seeds (Canada)
Deaf Smith County Grain
Deerland Enzymes & Probiotics
Dehy Alfalfa Mills
Denofa A.S. (Europe)
Des Moines Feed & Nature Center
Devansoy, Inc.
DFI Organics (Doens Food Ingredients)
DG Global, Inc. (Canada)
Doebler's Hybrids
Doguet's Rice Milling
Doracorp (Latin/South America)
DTS Food Laboratories (Asia/Australia)
Dudek Farms
DuPont Pioneer
Dutch Organic Trade International (Europe)
Eagle Seed Co.
Eatem Foods Company (ADM)
Ecocert Canada (Canada)
Eden Foods, Inc.
Ekologie Forte, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Elhadary Group
Elite Overseas (Asia/Australia)
Elk Mound Seed
Elliott Protein & Oil, LLC
eMerge Genetics
EnerAll (Latin/South America)
EnviroLogix, Inc.
Enzymology Research Center, Inc.
Equinom, Ltd.
Erickson Farms
Ernst Grain & Livestock
Essex Hybrid Group (Canada)
Estancia Buenaventura SRL (Latin/South America)
ETC Group (Canada)
Ethical Naturals, Inc.
Eurofins Alac (Garibaldi) (Latin/South America)
Eurofins BioDiagnostics
Eurofins GeneScan
Eurofins GeneScan (Latin/South America)
Eurofins GeneScan GmbH (Europe)
European Ingredients Supply & Services B.V. (Europe)
Everbest Organics
Everspring Farms, Ltd. (Canada)
Exin (Latin/South America)
Express Grain Terminals, LLC
F.W. Cobs Co., Inc.
Falcon Trading International
Farbest Brands
Farmer Direct Co-operative, Ltd. (Canada)
Farmers Coop
Farmers Grain Elevator
Farri Gabriel (Europe)
Fedco Seeds
Feedback Feed (Europe)
Fenaco (Europe)
Fenchem, Inc.
FETRAF-SUL / CUT (Latin/South America)
Field Farms Marketing, Ltd. (Canada)
Fieldstone Organics (Canada)
FinnSoy (Europe)
Fismer Lecithin (Europe)
Flavorcan International, Inc. (Canada)
Flora DV, Ltd. (Europe)
Florida Crystals Food Corp.
Fluey Trading (Canada)
Flynn Creek Farms, LLC
Food Alliance
Food Democracy Now
FoodChain ID Technical Services
FoodChain ID Technical Services UK (Europe)
FoodChain ID Testing
FoodChain ID Testing GmbH (Europe)
Foundation Organic Seeds, LLC
FRANK Food Products (Europe)
Freeline Organics
Frey Vineyards
Friederichs Seed, Inc.
Frontier Co-op
Full Sun Company
Galena Genetics
Gama S.A. (Latin/South America)
Gardel SA (Europe)
Gauri Agrotech Products, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
GEN-IAL GmbH (Europe)
Gene Ethics (Asia/Australia)
Genetic Enterprises International
GeneWatch UK (Europe)
Genista Biosciences 
Geo-Fresh Organic (Asia/Australia)
Global Agro Commodities, LLC
Global Commodity, LLC
Global Organic Alliance, Inc.
Global Organics, Ltd.
Global Processing, Inc.
Global River Food Ingredients
GM Watch (Europe)
GM-Free Australia Alliance (Asia/Australia)
GMO Awareness
GMO-Free Europe (Europe)
GMO-ID Australia (Asia/Australia)
Gold Coast Ingredients
GoodMills Innovation GmbH (Europe)
Grain Millers, Inc.
Grain Millers, Inc. (Corn Ingredients)
Grain Place Foods, Inc.
Grain Processing Corporation
Grainworks, Inc. (Canada)
Grass & Sons Seed
GrassRoots Pork Co.
Great Harvest Organics
Great River Organic Milling
Green Boy Group
Green Eagle Commodities
Green Haven
Green Mountain Feeds
Green Mountain Flavors, Inc.
Green Prairie Specialties
Greenmiller Corporation (Asia/Australia)
Growers International Organic Sales, Inc. (Canada)
Grupo Altababicora (Latin/South America)
Gujarat Ambuja Exports, Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Haneil Soyatech, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Harris Seeds
Hart AgStrong
Harvest Innovations (ADM)
HC International, Inc.
Healthy Food Ingredients (SK Food, Hesco, Suntava, Heartland Flax)
Healthy Harvest Productions
Healthy Oilseeds, LLC
Heartland Mill, Inc.
Heartland Organics
Heirloom Organics
Hemp Oil Canada, Inc. (Canada)
Hemp Production Services (Canada)
Henran International Co., Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Henry Franc S.A.S. (Europe)
Hensall Co-op (Canada)
High Mowing Organic Seeds
Highfield Farm Asset Services
Highwood Crossing Foods, Ltd. (Canada)
Hiland Naturals, Ltd.
HK Organic (Asia/Australia)
Hodgson Mill, Inc.
Hohenstein Institute (Europe)
Home and Garden America
Hostetler Feed & Farm Supply
Hügelland Feed, Inc.
Huron Commodities, Inc. (Canada)
Hy View Feeds
IBD Certifications (Latin/South America)
IEH Laboratories & Consulting Group
IFC Solutions
ifp Institut für Produktqualität GmbH (Europe)
Illinois Crop Improvement Association, Inc.
IMCOPA S.A. (Latin/South America)
IMI Global
Independent Plant Breeders (Canada)
Indiana Crop Improvement Association
Indianlife Food Corporation (Canada)
Indogulf Group (Asia/Australia)
Indumex (Latin/South America)
Ingenio Cristobal Colon, S.A. (CAEI) (Latin/South America)
Ingredients, Inc.
Ingredients101, LLC
Ingredion Incorporated
Insta-Pro International
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
Institute for Marketecology (IMO) (Europe)
Institute for Responsible Technology
Institute of Health and Environmental Research (Asia/Australia)
Integrative Flavors
International Ag Labs, Inc.
International Certification Services, Inc.
International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) (Europe)
International Feed
International Organic Inspectors Association
International Sugars, Inc. (Canada)
Interrupcion (Latin/South America)
Intertek ScanBi Diagnostics (Europe)
IOM Grain, LLC
Iowa Organic Association
Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc.
Iowa State University Seed Lab
IP Agri Trading, Inc. (Canada)
Iris Agribusiness (Europe)
Irish Eyes Garden Seeds
Jayshree Agro Products (Asia/Australia)
JB Global
Jedwards International, Inc.
JFK Farms
Jiangsu Xixin Vitamin Co., Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Johnny's Selected Seeds
Jomi Farm Co., Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Jones Feed Mills, Ltd. (Canada)
Jungbunzlauer Suisse AG (Europe)
Just Hemp Foods Inc. (Canada)
Just Label It
Kadelbach Organic Farms, LLC
Kamut International
Kanav Agronomy (Asia/Australia)
Kanha Enterprises (Asia/Australia)
Kansas Organic Producers Association
Kansas Rural Center
Kansas State University, Agronomy Dept.
Katrina Distributions, Inc. (Canada)
Kellogg's Ag Service
Kerry Americas
KG Agri Products, Inc.
Kialla Pure Foods, Pty. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
KMS Exports, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Knewtson Soy Products, LLP
KnowGMOs Consulting Services
Koster Marine Proteins GmbH (Europe)
KTM Farm
Kumagro (Latin/South America)
Kussmaul Seeds
KV Mud Creek, Inc.
L.A. Hearne Company / King Feeds
La Coop fédérée (Canada)
La Crosse Milling Company
Lackawanna Products
Lackawanna Products Corp (Canada)
Lakeview Farms
Lallemand Bio-Ingredients (Canada)
Lamcent Capital
Landus Cooperative
Lang Farms (Canada)
Langeland Farms, Inc.
Lansing Trading Group, LLC
Lasenor India, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Lathrop Food, Seed, and Grain
Laura Soybeans
LDC (Louis Dreyfus Company) (Latin/South America)
LECICO GmbH (Europe)
Lecital (Europe)
Left Coast Naturals (Canada)
Legend Seeds, Inc.
Lesaffre Yeast Corporation
Liberty Feed and Bean Meal, LLC
Life Bridge International
Light Way Farms, LLC
Lil' City Consulting
Locke's Mill
London Agricultural Commodities (Canada)
Lone Star Family Farms
Lord of Tofu (Europe)
Loschen Acres
Lotus Foods, Inc.
Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss
Lundberg Family Farms
Lyle C. Tabb & Sons, Inc.
Lynatech Marketing
MADGE Australia, Inc. (Asia/Australia)
Mahesh Agro Food Industries (Asia/Australia)
Majestic Milling Co., LLC
Malden Specialty Soy, LLC
Malt Products Corporation
Manildra Group U.S.A.
Manna International, Inc. (Canada)
Mapryser SL (Europe)
Marroquin Organic International, Inc.
Masala India (Asia/Australia)
Masters Choice
Matrix Fine Sciences, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Matrix Nutrition
Matrix Nutrition
Matthews Grain & Storage
Maverik Oils
Maxicrop USA, Inc.
Maxim Seed, Pty. Ltd.
McBoeck, LLC
McEwen & Sons Gristmill
McGeary Organics
McKaskle Family Farm / Braggadocio
Meadowland Soy
Meelunie America, Inc.
MEGA Tierernahrung GmbH & Co. KG (Europe)
Merit Seed
Mezzoni Foods
MGP Ingredients, Inc.
Michael Fields Agricultural Institute
Michigan Crop Improvement Association
Micro-Lite, LLC
Mid America Food Sales, Ltd.
Mid-America Food Hub
Midwest Laboratories
Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES)
Midwest Organic Farmers Cooperative (MOFC)
Midwest Shippers Association
Mighty Rice, Ltd.
Milbank Mills, Inc. / Silver Moon Feeds
Milhao Corn Ingredients (Latin/South America)
Milk Specialties Global
Miller Hybrids
Minnesota Crop Improvement Association
Minsa Corporation
Miso Master Organic Miso
Missouri Crop Improvement Association
Missouri Food & Fiber, LLC
Missouri Soybean Association Bay Farm
Modesto Milling, Inc.
Molino Riva (Europe)
Montague Farms, Inc.
Montana Flour & Grains
Montana Specialty Mills, LLC
Morgan County Seeds, LLC
Morrison's Custom Feeds
MOSA Certified Organic (Midwest Organic Services Association)
Mosher Products, Inc.
Mostert Oilseeds B.V. (Europe)
Mountain High Organics, Inc.
Mountain Rose Herbs
Mountain Valley Seed Co.
MPG Agri Trading (Europe)
MRC Seeds
Multiple Organics, Inc.
Murphy Commodities
Nancy's Cultured Dairy and Soy
NASAA, Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Native Seeds/SEARCH
Natural Dairy Products Corporation
Natural Food Certifiers
Natural Oilseed Crushers Association
Natural Products, Inc.
Natural Way Mills
Nature's Best Organic Feeds
Nature's Crops International (Canada)
Nature's Grown Organics
Nature's Organic Grist / Freekeh Foods
Nature's Path Foods, Inc. (Canada)
Nature's Way Feed, Inc.
Natures Flavors
naturis (Europe)
Naturz Organics China (Asia/Australia)
Navdanya (Asia/Australia)
Navratna Agro Commodity (Asia/Australia)
Naylor Seed
Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society
NeCo Seeds
Nehe Dingsheng Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Neogen Corporation
NestFresh Eggs
New Chapter, Inc.
New Country Organics
New England Seed Company (NESEED)
New Mexico Department of Agriculture
New Organics, Inc.
Nexcel Natural Ingredients
NF Organics
NiuSource Inc.
Nobilis Overseas, LLP (Asia/Australia)
Noble Ecotech (Asia/Australia)
Non GMO Compliance Australia (Asia/Australia)
Non-GMO Project
Non-GMO Trading UG (Europe)
Nordic Maize Breeding (Europe)
North Dakota State Seed Department
Northern Food Grade Soybean Association
Northern Iowa Grain Processors, LLC
Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Society
Novastell SAS (Europe)
NOW Foods
NSB Services, LLC
NSF International
Nutra Food Ingredients
Nutralliance, Inc.
NutraSun Foods, Ltd. (Canada)
NUTRION Internacional (Europe)
NZMP (USA) / Fonterra North America
O&T Farms (Canada)
Obba Trade
Ohio Ecological Food & Farm Association
Ohio Seed Improvement Association
Olathe Specialty Feeds
Oleon (Europe)
Oleon Americas, Inc.
Omnia Nisasta (Asia/Australia)
Ondrejicka Elevators, Ltd. (Canada)
Open Source Seed Initiative (OSSI)
Oppenheimer Faith Foods, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Oregon Tilth
Organic Certifiers
Organic Consumers Association
Organic Crop Improvement Association International (OCIA)
Organic Farmers Agency for Relationship Marketing (OFARM)
Organic Farmers of Michigan, LLC
Organic Farming Research Foundation
Organic Latin America S.A. (Latin/South America)
Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI)
Organic Partners International, LLC
Organic Producers Association of Manitoba Cooperative, Inc. (OPAM) (Canada)
Organic Products India (Asia/Australia)
Organic Seed Alliance
Organic Services GmbH (Europe)
Organic Stuff (Latin/South America)
Organic Trade Association
Organic Valley / CROPP Cooperative
Organically Grown Company
Organique International Organic (Canada)
Organización International Agropecuaria SA (Latin/South America)
Original Organics
Osage Flavors
Ozark Organics, LLC
P.B. Ohrstom & Sons, Inc.
Pacific Ag Commodities
Pacific Coast Canola
Pacific Grain & Foods
Pacific Soybean & Grain
Pajarito Trading SRL (Latin/South America)
Palmetto Farms Mill & Mercantile, LLC
Parrish and Heimbecker (Toronto, Trading Division) (Canada)
Partners Brand Seed Co., LLC
PCM Global Support Services (Canada)
Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply
Pedogenesis, Inc.
Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA)
Perdue Agribusiness
Pethas, Ltd. (Europe)
Petroagro (Latin/South America)
PGP International, Inc.
Phildesco, Inc.
Phinix International (Asia/Australia)
Phoenix Organic Feed
Planagro Bio S.A. (Latin/South America)
Pleasant Valley Oil Mills (Canada)
Practical Farmers of Iowa
Prairie Choice Grains
Prairie Hybrids
Prairie's Choice, LLC
Premium Ag Products
Premium Gold Flax Products & Processing, Inc.
Prinova USA
ProActive Agriculture
Process Enterprises (Asia/Australia)
Produce Specialties, Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Professional Proteins, Ltd.
ProHarvest Seeds
Prolific Business Agency
Protein Plus Co., Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
ProTerra Foundation (Europe)
Provalcid (Canada)
Provender Alliance
Providence Grain Solutions (Canada)
Pure Life Organic Foods, Ltd.
Pure Seed
Puris Iowa
Pyure Brands
Quality Assurance International (QAI)
Quality Certification Services
Quebec Vrai (Canada)
Radermacher Farms
Radiance Overseas (Asia/Australia)
Rakhi Overseas (Asia/Australia)
Ranch Way Feeds
Rapid Overseas (Asia/Australia)
Rapunzel Naturkost GmbH (Europe)
RCR Organic Feed Store
Reading Scientific Services, Ltd. (Europe)
Rei do Milho Alimentos, Ltda. (Latin/South America)
Reist Popcorn Company
Renaissance Ingredients, Inc. (Canada)
Resaca Sun Feeds, LLC
RiceBran Technologies
Richland IFC, Inc.
Rigest Trading, Ltd. (Europe)
Riogrande Agricola S.A. (Latin/South America)
Rivara S.A. (Latin/South America)
Riverina Natural Oils
Riverside Feeds, LLC
Roberts Seed, Inc.
Rodale Institute
Roger Rivest Marketing (Canada)
Rogers Grain, Inc.
Romer Labs
Rovey Seed Company, Inc.
Rowland Seeds (Canada)
Royal Ingredients Group, Inc.
Rubisco Seeds
Ruchi Global, Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Ruchi Soya Industries, Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
RW Garcia Company, Inc.
S&M Farms
SA Rice Mills, Pty. Ltd.
Sai Smaran Foods, Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Salentein (Latin/South America)
Salt Spring Seeds (Canada)
San-J International
Sand Hill Preservation Center
Sapthsathi Organic Agriculture Project (Asia/Australia)
Sarvoday Natural (Asia/Australia)
SaskOrganics Association, Inc. (Canada)
Satguru Organics, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Savoury Systems International, Inc.
SB&B Foods, Inc.
Schlieckau Bros., LLC
Schutter Rotterdam B.V. (Europe)
Scoular Company
Scoular Company (Food Ingredients)
Scratch and Peck Feeds
SCS Global Services
Seasons International, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Seed Savers Exchange
Seed We Need
Seeds of Change
Seeds Trust
Semences Prograin, Inc. (Canada)
Sementes Selecta S.A. (Latin/South America)
Sensient Natural Ingredients
Sentinel Seeds, LLC
Sethness Caramel Color
Sevita International (Canada)
SG Ceresco, Inc. (Canada)
SGS India, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
SGS Nederland BV (Europe)
SGS North America, Inc. (Brookings)
Shandong Sanwei Soybean Protein Co., Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Shandong Sinoglory Health Food Co., Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Shank's Extracts, Inc.
Shanti Overseas India, Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Shanti Worldwide (Asia/Australia)
Shiv Vegpro, P. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Shiva BioChem Industries (Asia/Australia)
Shivam Enterprises (Asia/Australia)
Shree Kalka Global (Asia/Australia)
Shree Ram Fibres India, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Shreenidhi Oils & Foods Ingredients, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Shri Raghuvansh Enterprises (Asia/Australia)
Shri Sumati Oil Industries, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Shyam Industries (Asia/Australia)
Sigma Organic Feeds Div.
Silos du Touch (Europe)
Silva International, Inc
Sime Darby Unimills B.V. (Europe)
Simmons Grain Co.
Simplex Seed
Simran Feeds, Pvt. Ltda. (Asia/Australia)
Sinamco Trading
Sipal Partners S.A. (Europe)
Snobelen Farms, Ltd. (Canada)
Sodrugestvo Group of Companies (Europe)
SOJA AUSTRIA Vertriebs GmbH (Europe)
Sojaprotein (Europe)
Soon Soon Oilmills Sdn. Bhd. (Asia/Australia)
South Dakota Soybean Processors
South GA Seed Co.
South West Ag Partners, Inc. (Canada)
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Southwest Heritage Mill
Sovi Organic Agro, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Sow True Seed
Soya International
Soya Trading (Europe)
Soyagreen, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Soybean International (Canada)
Soyfoods of America
Soyko International
Specialty Commodities, Inc. (ADM)
Specialty Enzymes and Biochemicals Company
Spectrum Ingredients
Spectrum Non-GMO
Springfield Mills, Inc. (Canada)
ST-Lawrence Beans (Division of Agrocentre Belcan) (Canada)
St. Charles Trading, Inc.
Star-K Kosher Certification
Stauber Ingredients
Stengel Seed & Grain Company, Inc.
Sternchemie GmbH & Co. KG (Europe)
Steviva Ingredients, Inc.
Stonebridge, Ltd.
Stratas Foods
Straus Family Creamery
Stricks Ag, LLC
Sucroal S.A. (Latin/South America)
Sun Nutrafoods (Asia/Australia)
Sunny State Products, Inc.
SunOpta, Inc.
Sunrise Farms, Inc.
Sunrise Foods International, Inc. (Canada)
SunWest Foods, Inc.
Supreme Suppliers
Sustainable Seed Company
Suzanne's Specialties
Sweet Additions, LLC
Synergized Ingredients
T.A. Seeds
TA Foods Ltd. (Canada)
Tanner Seed Co.
Tate & Lyle (Europe)
Territorial Seed Company
Terroir Seeds, LLC
Texas Natural Feeds
Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative
Thandaza Milling
Thayer Feed, LLC
The Andersons
The DeLong Company, Inc.
The European GMO-Free Citizens (Europe)
The Fertrell Company
The Jacobsen
The Living Seed Company
The Malwa Vanaspati and Chemical Co., Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
The Mauro Seed Company
The Natural Soybean and Grain Alliance
The Nature Institute
The Norgrow Partnership (Europe)
The Oil Barn
Thew Arnott & Company, Ltd. (Europe)
Thompsons Limited (Canada)
TIC Gums, Inc.
Till & Yield Exports, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
TLS Mercantile, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Tongaat Hulett, Ltd.
Top Health Ingredients, Inc. (Canada)
TopAgri Italia (Europe)
Trace Cooperative
TraceConsult (Europe)
Tradin Organic USA, LLC
Tri-State Crush, LLC
Triple Crown Nutrition, Inc.
Triple D Corn, LLC
True Leaf Market
Truly Grass Fed / Glanbia Ingredients Ireland (Europe)
TYR Food Products
UL Consumer Products
Ultra Pure, LLC
Union Point Custom Feeds
United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA)
Unity Seed
University of Arkansas-Cooperative Extension Service
University of Minnesota
University of Missouri Delta Research Center
Valley Ridge Farm
Vandaele Seeds, Ltd. (Canada)
Vantage Organic Foods, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Veerral Agro Tech (Asia/Australia)
Vermont Soy
Versatile Products and Ingredients, Inc.
Victory Seed Company
Vigilance OGM (Canada)
Vimala Food Products (Asia/Australia)
Vippy Industries, Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Virginia Dare
Virtex Farm Foods (Canada)
Vitae Naturals (Europe)
Vitalis Organic Seeds
Viterra (Canada)
Vlieger Farm Supply, Inc.
VLOG (Verband Lebensmittel Ohne Gentechnik) (Europe)
vpk by Maharishi Ayurveda
Wannamaker Seeds
Wasi Ltd.
Wehrmann Grain & Seed, Ltd. (Canada)
Wellman Seeds, Inc.
Welter Seed & Honey Co.
West Central Cereal Grains, LLC
Westco Chemicals, Inc.
Western Agents and Marketing Co.
Western Alfalfa Milling Company, Ltd. (Canada)
Western Foods
Western Milling
Where Food Comes From, Inc.
Wild Garden Seed
Wilmar Nutrition (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Windy Acres Farm
Wixon, Inc.
Wood Prairie Farm
Yoorin Fertilizantes (Latin/South America)
Yorktown Organics, LLC
Zeeland Farm Services, Inc. / Zeeland Food Services, Inc.
Zinc Agro (Latin/South America)
Zook Molasses Company