A buyer's guide to suppliers of non-GMO and organic seeds, grains, ingredients, feed and foods

The Organic & Non-GMO Sourcebook suppliers of non-gmo food products

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Non-GMO Suppliers by Company Name

1000 Springs Mill
7th Heaven Farm, LLC
A Greener World
A'Bunadh Seeds (Canada)
A. Pellegrini Consulting
A1 Oil India (Asia/Australia)
Abbott Blackstone Co.
Aceites de Semillas S.A. (Europe)
ACES (Aryan Coal & Energy Solutions) (Asia/Australia)
Acres USA
Adams Grain
Adams Vegetable Oil
ADM (Archer Daniels Midland)
ADM European HQ (Europe)
Advanced Biological Concepts
Advanced Sunflower, LLC
AFG Brasil S.A. (Latin/South America)
African Organics
AG Alumni Seed
Agdia, Inc.
Agra Development International
AGRANA Stärke GmbH (Europe)
Agrano GmbH & Co. KG (Europe)
Agrawal Oil & Biocheam (Asia/Australia)
AgReliant Genetics, LLC
Agri Exim
Agri International, LLC
AgriCert (Europe)
Agricola Grains SpA (Europe)
Agridient, Inc.
Agrigen (Asia/Australia)
AgriSystems International
Agro Solvent Products, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
AgroTrace S.A. (Europe)
AGT Food and Ingredients (Canada)
Aiprime Nutritions, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Ak Nisasta (Asia/Australia)
AKFP (American Key Food Products)
Albert Lea Seed
ALC (American Lecithin Company)
Alden Oils
Alexandre Family Farm
Alfalfa Green Fertilizer and Feed (Canada)
All Star Trading
All-Tex Seed, Inc.
Amaggi Europe B.V. (Europe)
Amano Enzyme USA Co., Ltd.
America Pampa Agroindustrial S.A. (Latin/South America)
American Chemie, Inc.
American International Foods, Inc.
American Natural Processors, Inc.
American Organic
Aminola B.V. (Europe)
Anderson Advanced Ingredients, LLC
Andy by Anderson Hay
Ardent Mills
Arla Foods Ingredients Group (Europe)
Aryan International
Asia Ingredients Group (Asia/Australia)
Askagro Commodities, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Atlantic Soy Corporation (Canada)
Atul Mundhra & Associates (Asia/Australia)
Austrade, Inc.
Avafina Commodities (Canada)
Avena Foods, Ltd. (Canada)
Axiom Foods, Inc.
Azumex Corp
B & B Farms Canola Oil
B&G Seed Company
B&S Research / Farm for Profit
Bagdad Roller Mills, Inc.
Baird Seed Company
Baker Brothers
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Bankom D.O.O. (Europe)
Bar ALE, Inc.
Barrier Mills (Extension of Barrier Farms)
Barrington Nutritionals
Basic Food Flavors
BASS Hybrids
Bauman's Cedar Valley Farms
Bay State Milling Co.
BBasis (Latin/South America)
Beaver Creek Feed Co.
Beck's Superior Hybrids, Inc. / Great Harvest Organics
Benson Hill
Berg & Schmidt GmbH & Co. (Europe)
Berhan Grains, Inc. (Canada)
Bethesda Farm
Betul Oil, Ltd (Asia/Australia)
Bia Diagnostics Laboratories
BIC Services (Europe)
Big Cob Hybrids
Bio-Ag Consultants and Distributors (Canada)
BioAgriCert (Europe)
Biocell Agri, Ltd. (Europe)
Bioenergy Life Science, Inc. (BLS)
Biogenetic Services, Inc.
Biogenic Enterprises
BIOLER SME, Ltd. (Europe)
BioNeutra North America, Inc. (Canada)
BioPress France (Europe)
Biorigin Brazil (Latin/South America)
BIOTECON Diagnostics GmbH (Europe)
Black Earth Humic (Canada)
Blue Green Organics
Blue Pacific Flavors
Blue River Organic Seed
Bluebird Grain Farms
Bluegrass Farms of Ohio, Inc.
Bluestem Farm Supply, LLC
Botanical Interests, Inc.
Bow & Arrow Foods, LLC
Boyd Station, LLC
Braham & Murray (Europe)
Bridgewell Agribusiness, LLC
Briess Malt & Ingredients Co.
BRMill Alimentos (Latin/South America)
Broadgrain Commodities, Inc. (Canada)
Brookside Flavors & Ingredients
Brownseed Genetics, Inc.
Brushvale Seed, Inc.
Buffalo Molasses
Buxton Feed Co.
Byron Seeds, LLC
C3 Feeds, LLC
Caldic Canada, Inc. (Canada)
California Crop Improvement Association
California Natural Products
Callingwood Agricultural Services (Canada)
Camp Point Seed Co.
Canada Golden Products (Canada)
Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (Canada)
Canadian Organic Growers (COG) (Canada)
Canfield Family Farm
CanMar Foods, Ltd. (Canada)
Capitol Food Company
Cappel Certified Seeds, Inc.
Capsugel (Lonza)
Captain Drake
Caramuru Alimentos S.A. (Latin/South America)
Cargill, Inc.
Cassava S/A (Latin/South America)
Catania Oils
CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers)
Center for Food Safety
Center for Rural Affairs
Centra Foods
Central New York Feeds
Central Plains Organic Farmers (CPOF)
Century Sun Oil
Cereal Byproducts Co. and CerCo Ingredients
Cereal Docks Group (Europe)
Certified Organic Business Solutions
CFS Specialties, Inc. (Cashton Farm Supply, Ltd.)
CFT Corporation (Canada)
Chaffhaye, Inc.
Chen-chee Grains and Consumable Oils Co., Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Chesapeake Fields Farmers Cooperative
CHO America
Choice Grain, LLC
Christie & Co.
CHS Inc.
Cibaria International, Inc.
CII (Cereal Ingredients, Inc.)
Ciranda, Inc.
Citizens, LLC
Citrique Belge (Europe)
CJ Selecta S.A. (Latin/South America)
CJS Trading Co.
CK Ingredients, Inc. (Canada)
Clabber Girl Corporation
Clark Specialty Grains
Clarkson Grain Company, Inc.
Clarkson Specialty Lecithins
Clear Labs
CMC Foods
COFCO Biochemical Co., Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Cold Springs Farm Organics, LLC
Colony Gums, Inc.
Colony Products
Colorado Mills
Columbia Grain International
Columbus Vegetable Oils
Commercial Lynks, Inc.
Consolidated Grain and Barge Co.
Control Union Certifications North America, LLC
Cootamundra Oilseeds (Asia/Australia)
Cormorant Commodities B.V. (Europe)
Cosucra (Europe)
Cotton Acres
Country Farm & Home Supply
Coyote Creek Organic Feed Mill
CP Kelco (A Huber Company)
Crio (Latin/South America)
Crooked Creek Acres, Inc. (Canada)
Crop Science Investigation, LLC
CSP Labs
Dakota Pride Cooperative
Dakota's Best Seed
Davis Trade & Commodities
Dawson Gap Naturals
De Dell Seeds (Canada)
Deaf Smith County Grain
Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes
Dehy Alfalfa Mills
Denofa A.S. (Europe)
Des Moines Feed & Nature Center
Desert Oasis Teff & Grain
Devansoy, Inc.
DFI Organics (Doens Food Ingredients)
DG Global, Inc. (Canada)
Do It Organic (Europe)
Doguet's Rice Milling
Donau Soja (Europe)
Doracorp (Latin/South America)
DSM Nutritional Products (Europe)
DT Trade (Europe)
DTS Food Laboratories (Asia/Australia)
Dudek Farms
DuMond Grain
Eagle Seed Co.
Early Morning Harvest
Eco Gold Nutri & Organics, LLP (Asia/Australia)
Ecocert Canada (Canada)
Ecocert Swiss AG (Europe)
Eden Foods, Inc.
Eko Guarantee, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Ekologie Forte, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Elk Mound Seed Company
Elliott Protein & Oil
Emperor Overseas, LLP (Asia/Australia)
EnerAll (Latin/South America)
ENGA (European Non-GMO Industry Assocation) (Europe)
EnviroLogix, Inc.
Equinom, Ltd.
Erickson Farms
Ernst Grain & Livestock
ETC Group (Canada)
Ethical Naturals
Ethics Organic (Asia/Australia)
Eurofins Alac (Garibaldi) (Latin/South America)
Eurofins BioDiagnostics
Eurofins GeneScan
Eurofins GeneScan Brazil (Latin/South America)
Eurofins GeneScan GmbH (Europe)
European Ingredients Supply & Services B.V. (Europe)
Everbest Organics
Everspring Farms, Ltd. (Canada)
ExcelVite Sdn. Bhd. (Asia/Australia)
EXG SP Z o.o. (Europe)
EXGSP GmbH, LLC (Europe)
Ezean Grain (Europe)
F.W. Cobs Company, Inc.
Falcon Trading International
Farbest Brands
Farm Nutrients
Farmer Direct Organic (Canada)
Farmers Co-op
Farmers Grain Elevator
Farri Gabriel Juan Luis (Europe)
Fazio Foods Inter., Ltd. (Canada)
Fbfeed B.V. (Europe)
Fedco Seeds
Field Farms Marketing, Ltd. (Canada)
Field Theory Foods
Fieldstone Organics (Canada)
Fismer Lecithin GmbH (Europe)
Flavorcan International, Inc. (Canada)
Florida Crystals Food Corp.
Florida Food Products
Flour Mills of Nigeria, PLC
Food Alliance
FoodChain ID Belgium / Quality Partner SA (Europe)
FoodChain ID Brazil (Latin/South America)
FoodChain ID Germany (Europe)
FoodChain ID India / Cert ID (Asia/Australia)
FoodChain ID Italy / Bioagricert (Europe)
FoodChain ID Technical Services Belgium SA (Europe)
FoodChain ID U.S.
FoodChain ID UK (Europe)
Foundation Direct Seeds, LLC
Freeline Organics
freshideas, LLC
Frey Vineyards, Ltd.
Galena Genetics
GAMOTA JR, s.r.o. (Europe)
Gateway Food Products
Gauri Agrotech Products, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
GBI (Gadot Biochemical Industry)
GEMSA Enterprises
GEN-IAL GmbH (Europe)
GeneEthics Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Genetic Enterprises International
Genista Biosciences 
GF Harvest, LLC
Giltner Ag
Givaudan Flavors
Global Commodity, LLC
Global Organic Alliance, Inc.
Global Organics, Ltd.
Global Processing, Inc.
Global River Food Ingredients
Global Savors
Glucorp, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
GM-Free Australia Alliance (Asia/Australia)
GMO Science
GMO-Free Europe (Europe)
GMO-ID Australia (Asia/Australia)
GMWatch (Europe)
Going Natural SRL (Latin/South America)
Gold Coast Ingredients
Gold Star Feed & Grain, LLC
Grain Millers, Inc.
Grain Millers, Inc. (Corn Ingredients)
Grain Place Foods, Inc.
Grain Processing Corporation
GrainCorp Operations, Ltd. (Canada)
Grainworks, Inc. (Canada)
Grassland Dairy Products, Inc.
Great Plains Regeneration
Great River Organic Milling
Green Boy Group
Green Cover Seed
Green Eagle Commodities
Green Haven
Green Mountain Feeds
Green Mountain Flavors, Inc.
Green Prairie Specialties
Greenmiller Corporation (Asia/Australia)
GreenTop Acres, LLC
Growers International Organic Sales, Inc. (Canada)
GRUMA (Latin/South America)
Grupo Altababicora (Latin/South America)
Guelph Organic Conference (Canada)
Gulf Pacific Rice Co.
HC International, Inc.
Heads Up Plant Protectants (Canada)
Health Research Institute (HRI Labs)
Healthy Food Ingredients (HFI)
Healthy Harvest Productions
Healthy Oilseeds, LLC
Heartland Mill, Inc.
Hebes Company, Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Heirloom Organics
Hensall Co-op (Canada)
Hes-Pro Foods (Europe)
Hi Fidelity Genetics
High Mowing Organic Seeds
Highwood Crossing Foods, Ltd. (Canada)
Hiland Naturals Consulting
Hillsboro Feed Co., LLC
Hinrichs Trading Company / Division of Ardent Mills
Honeyville Feed & Farm
Horizon Acres (Buchheit Agriculture)
HPS Food & Ingredients, Inc. (Canada)
HTAD Agri Estates, Ltd.
Hügelland Feed, Inc.
Huron (Canada)
Hy View Feeds
Hybrid85 LLC
IBD Certifications (Latin/South America)
ICIA (Indiana Crop Improvement Association)
IEH Laboratories & Consulting Group
IFC Solutions
ifp Institut für Produktqualität GmbH (Europe)
Illinois Crop Improvement Association, Inc.
IMAG Organics (Latin/South America)
IMCOPA S.A. (Latin/South America)
IMI Global
Impetus Bioscience GmbH & Co. (Europe)
Indigo Ag
Informa Economics IEG
Ingredients, Inc.
Ingredion Incorporated
Insta-Pro International
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
Institute for Responsible Technology
International Ag Labs, Inc.
International Feed
International Organic Inspectors Association
International Sugars, Inc. (Canada)
Intertek ScanBi Diagnostics (Europe)
IOM Grain, LLC
Iowa Organic Association
Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc.
Iowa State University Seed Lab
IP Agri Trading, Inc. (Canada)
Irish Eyes Garden Seeds
Ishu Trading Co. (Asia/Australia)
J.L. Moyer & Sons
Jaco Commodities, LLC
Jay Agro Export (Asia/Australia)
Jayshree Agro Products (Asia/Australia)
JB Global Co., LLC
Jedwards International, Inc.
Johnny's Selected Seeds
Jones Feed Mills, Ltd. (Canada)
Jungbunzlauer Suisse AG (Europe)
Just Hemp Foods, Inc. (Canada)
Just Label It
Kadelbach Organic Farms, LLC
Kalmbach Feeds
Kamut International
Kansas Rural Center
Kansas State University, Agronomy Dept.
Katrina Distributions, Inc. (Canada)
Kerry Group
Ketterling Farms
KG Agri Products, Inc.
Knewtson Soy Products, LLP
KnowGMOs Consulting Services
Koda Farms, Inc.
Kraut Creek Natural Feeds
Kreamer Feed, Inc.
KTM Farm
KV Mud Creek, Inc.
L.A. Hearne Co. / King Feeds
La Crosse Milling Company
La Veronese (Europe)
Lackawanna Products Corp.
Lakeview Farms
Lallemand Bio-Ingredients (Canada)
Landus Cooperative
Langeland Farms, Inc.
Layn Natural Ingredients
LECICO GmbH (Europe)
Lecital (Europe)
Left Coast Naturals (Canada)
Leonardo Academy
Lesaffre Corporation
Lester Feed & Grain
Levapan S.A. (Latin/South America)
Life Bridge International
LifeLine Foods
Light Way Farms, LLC
Liking Organic Foods S.A.C. (Latin/South America)
Live Earth Products, Inc.
London Agricultural Commodities (Canada)
Lone Star Family Farms
Lord of Tofu (Europe)
Lotus Foods, Inc.
Lundberg Family Farms
Lyle C. Tabb & Sons, Inc.
M&W Distribution Services, Inc.
Mad Agriculture
Majestic Milling Co., LLC
Malt Products Corporation
Manildra Group USA
Manna International, Inc. (Canada)
MannaPro Corp.
Marathon Packing Corp.
Marroquin Organic International, Inc.
MASA (Mid-America Seeds & Agri Services)
Masters Choice
Matco Foods, Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Matrix Life Science (Asia/Australia)
Matsutani America, Inc.
Maverik Oils
McEwen & Sons Gristmill
McGeary Organics
McKaskle Family Farm / Braggadocio
Meadowland Soy
Meelunie America, Inc.
Merieux NutriSciences
Merit Functional Foods (Canada)
Merit Seed
Mezzoni Foods
MGM Seed & Grain (Canada)
MGP Ingredients, Inc.
Michael Fields Agricultural Institute
Michigan Agricultural Commodities, Inc. (MAC)
Micro-Lite, LLC
Mid America Food Sales, Ltd. (MAFS)
Midwest Laboratories
Midwest Organic Farmers Cooperative (MOFC)
Mighty Rice, Ltd.
Milbank Mills, Inc. / Silver Moon Feeds
Milhao Ingredients (Latin/South America)
Miller Hybrids
Minnesota Crop Improvement Association
Minnesota Hemp Farms
Miso Master Organic Miso
Missouri Crop Improvement Association
Missouri Soybean Association / Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council
MOA (Missouri Organic Association)
Moberly Natural Crush, LLC.
Modesto Milling, Inc.
Montague Farms, Inc.
Montana Flour & Grains
Montana Specialty Mills, LLC
Morgan County Seeds, LLC
Morrison's Custom Feeds
MOSA Certified Organic (Midwest Organic Services Association)
Mosher Products, Inc.
Mostert Oilseeds B.V. (Europe)
Mountain Rose Herbs
MRC Seeds
MSM Milling (Asia/Australia)
Mule City Specialty Feeds, Inc.
Multiple Organics, Inc.
Nancy's (Springfield Creamery)
NASAA Organic, Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
National Oats Digest
Native Harvest (American Vegetable Oils, Inc.)
Native Seeds / SEARCH
Native Vanilla
Natural Ag Solutions, LLC
Natural Food Certifiers
Natural Habitats
Natural Oilseed Crushers Association
Natural Products, Inc.
Natural Way Mills
Nature Bio Foods Inc.
Nature's Crops International (Canada)
Nature's Ingredients
Nature's International Certification Services (NICS)
Nature's Legacy / VitaSpelt
Nature's Organic Grist (Ceres Global)
Nature's Path Foods, Inc. (Canada)
Nature's Way Feed, Inc.
Natures Grown Organics
Naturesy Agro Farms (Asia/Australia)
Naturz Organics Europe (Europe)
Navada Imports, LLC
Navdanya Biodiversity Farm (Asia/Australia)
NAWaL Analytical Laboratories (Asia/Australia)
Naylor Seed
NDF Azteca Milling Europe / GRUMA (Europe)
Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society
NeCo Seeds
Nemo Feed, LLC
Neogen Corporation
NestFresh Eggs
New Barn Organics
New Country Organics
New Mexico Dept. of Agriculture
Nexcel Natural Ingredients
Nexira (Europe)
NF Organics (National Farmers Organization)
NiuSource, Inc.
Noble Ecotech Biofoods, Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Non-GMO Project
Non-GMO Trading UG (Europe)
Nordic Maize Breeding (Europe)
NorQuin (Northern Quinoa Production Corp.) (Canada)
North Circle Seeds
North Dakota Mill
North Dakota State Seed Department
Northern Iowa Grain Processors, LLC
Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture
Novastell (Europe)
NSF International
Nu Life Market
Nura USA
Nutra Food Ingredients
Nutralliance, Inc.
NutraSun Foods, Ltd. (Canada)
NutriPea (Canada)
NZMP (USA) / Fonterra North America
O&T Farms (Canada)
Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association
Ohio Seed Improvement Association
Oilseeds International, Ltd.
Okahoma Comercio e Assessoria, Ltda. (Latin/South America)
Olathe Specialty Feeds
Oleon (Europe)
Olive Oils Land (Europe)
Omnia Nisasta A.S. (Asia/Australia)
OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute)
Ondrejicka Elevators, Ltd. (Canada)
One Organic Farm (Canada)
Open Source Seed Initiative (OSSI)
OPINS Organic Coop
Oregon Tilth
Organic Alberta (Canada)
Organic Association of Kentucky (OAK)
Organic Certifiers
Organic Consumers Association
Organic Crop Exchange
Organic Crop Improvement Association International (OCIA)
Organic Farmers Agency for Relationship Marketing (OFARM)
Organic Farmers of Michigan, LLC
Organic Farming Research Foundation
Organic Partners International, LLC
Organic Producers Association of Manitoba Cooperative, Inc. (OPAM) (Canada)
Organic Production Services, LLC (OPS)
Organic Seed Alliance
Organic Services GmbH (Europe)
Organic Soybean Processors of America (OSPA)
Organic Stuff (Asia/Australia)
Organic Trade Association
Organic Valley / CROPP Cooperative
Organic Verdana (Deepthi Organics, LLC)
Organique Foods (Europe)
Organique International Organic (Canada)
Organización International Agropecuaria (Latin/South America)
Original Organics
Osage Flavors
Ozark Organics, LLC
Pacific Ag Commodities
Pacific Grain & Foods
Pacific Northwest Farmers Cooperative
Pacific Soybean & Grain
Pajarito Trading SRL (Latin/South America)
Pakev International
Palmetto Farms Mill & Mercantile, LLC
Palsgaard A/S (Europe)
Panhandle Milling / Organic Grains
Paras Genetech, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Parrish and Heimbecker (Canada)
Partech Seeds, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Partners Brand Seed Co., LLC
Patiswiss (Europe)
Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply
Pedogenesis, Inc.
Pelham Mills
Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA)
Penny Newman Grain Co.
Perdue AgriBusiness
Perry Milling Feed & Supply
Petroagro (Latin/South America)
PGP International, Inc.
Phoenix Organic Feed
PHS Organics, Inc. (Prairie Heritage Seeds) (Canada)
Planton GmbH (Europe)
Pleasant Valley Oil Mills (Canada)
Pokonobe Industries, Inc.
Practical Farmers of Iowa
Prairie Choice Grains
Prairie Estates Genetics
Prairie Hybrids
Prairie's Choice, LLC
Prasad Cotton Industries, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Premium Gold Flax Products & Processing, Inc.
Prinova USA
ProActive Agriculture
ProAgri Solutions, LLC
Process Enterprises (Asia/Australia)
Professional Proteins, Ltd.
ProGrain, Inc. (Canada)
Progressive Food Consultants
ProHarvest Seeds
Pronatec AG (Europe)
ProTerra Foundation (Europe)
Provalcid Inc. (Canada)
Provender Alliance
Providence Grain Solutions (Canada)
Provision Analytics (Canada)
Pyure Brands
Quality Assurance International (QAI)
Quality Certification Services
Quality Liquid Feeds
Quality Plus Feeds, Inc.
Quebec Vrai (Canada)
Radiance Overseas (Asia/Australia)
RCR Organic Feed Store
Reading Scientific Services, Ltd. (Europe)
Red River Commodities, Inc.
Regenerative Organic Alliance
Rei do Milho Alimentos, Ltda. (Latin/South America)
Renaissance Ingredients, Inc. (Canada)
Renewal Mill
Resaca Sun Feeds, LLC
RiceBran Technologies
Richardson Seeds, Ltd.
Richland IFC, Inc.
Ritter Farm, LLC
Rivara S.A. (Latin/South America)
River Valley Ag Exchange, LLC
River Valley Ag Exchange, LLC
Riverina Natural Oils
Riverland Ag Corp / Ceres Global Ag Corp
Riverside Feeds, LLC
Rizoma Agricultura Regenerativa (Latin/South America)
Roberts Seed, Inc.
Rodale Institute
Romer Labs, Inc.
Roquette America, Inc.
Rovey Seed Company, Inc.
Royal Ingredients Group, Inc.
Rubisco Seeds
Rural Route 1 Farms
Saatbau International (Europe)
SADC Grain Commodities, Pty. Ltd.
Sai Smaran Foods, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Salentein (Latin/South America)
Salt Spring Seeds (Canada)
San-J International
Sand Hill Preservation Center
Sandhill Wild Rice
SaskOrganics Association, Inc. (Canada)
Satguru Agro Resources, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Satguru Organics, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Savory Institute
SB&B Foods, Inc.
Schlieckau Bros., LLC
Schutter Rotterdam B.V. (Europe)
Schwartz Farms
Scratch and Peck Feeds
SCS Global Services
Sea-90 Ocean Minerals
Seaboard Special Crops (Canada)
Seed Savers Exchange
Seed We Need
Seeds Canada, dba Centre for Systems Integrations (CSI) (Canada)
Seeds Trust
Seitec Genetics
Sentinel Seeds, LLC
Sethi Seeds India, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Sethness Roquette
Sevita International (Canada)
SG Ceresco, Inc. (Canada)
SGS Bulgaria, Ltd. (Europe)
SGS Canada (Canada)
SGS India, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
SGS North America, Inc. (Brookings)
Shafi Gluco Chem, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Shandong Ensign Industry Co., Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Shank's Extracts, Inc.
Shanti Worldwide (Asia/Australia)
Shepherd's Grain
Sheppard Grain Enterprises, LLC
Shiv Vegpro, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Shivam Enterprises (Asia/Australia)
Shree Mauli Enterprises (Asia/Australia)
Shreenidhi Oils & Foods Ingredients, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Shri Sumati Oil Industries, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Siddiq Agricoze, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Sigma Organic Feeds Div.
Silos du Touch (Europe)
Sime Darby Oils Zwijndrecht Refinery B.V. (Europe)
Simmons Grain Company
Simran Agritech, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Sinamco Trading
Sipal Partners S.A. (Europe)
Smirk's Ltd.
Sojaprotein (Europe)
Sollio Cooperative Group (Canada)
Sonic Biochem Extractions, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Soon Soon Oilmills Sdn. Bhd. (Asia/Australia)
South Dakota Soybean Processors
South GA Seed Co.
Southern Cross Agricultural Exports (Asia/Australia)
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Southwest Agromart (SWAG) (Canada)
Sovi Organic Agro, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Soy Austria GmbH (Europe)
Soya International
Soyagreen, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Soybean International (Canada)
Soycain Worldwide, Ltd. (Europe)
Soyfoods of America
Soyko International
Spack International
Specialty Enzymes & Probiotics
Specialty Soya and Grains Alliance
Spectrum Non-GMO
Spectrum Organic Products
Spirit Hybrids
Springfield Mills, Inc. (Canada)
ST-Lawrence Beans (Division of Agrocentre Belcan) (Canada)
St. Charles Trading, Inc.
Star of the West
Star-K Kosher Certification
Stengel Seed and Grain
Sternchemie GmbH & Co. KG (Europe)
Stone House Grain
Stone Mill, LLC
Stonebridge, Ltd.
Stonehenge Organics (Canada)
Stonewall Kitchen
Stratas Foods
Straus Family Creamery
Sucroal S.A. (Latin/South America)
Sun Nutrafoods (Asia/Australia)
Sunar Misir (Asia/Australia)
Sunland Nutrition
Sunny State Products, Inc.
Sunnyland Mills
SunOpta, Inc.
Sunrise Farms, Inc.
Sunrise Foods International, Inc. (Canada)
SunWest Foods, Inc.
Super Soy Feeds
SureFlex Hybrids
SureSource Commodities (Canada)
Sustainable Pulse
Suzanne's Specialties, Inc.
Sweet Additions
Synergized Ingredients
TA Foods Ltd. (Canada)
Tahitian Gold Co., Inc.
Tate & Lyle (Europe)
Tay Ninh Tapioca Joint Stock Co. (Asia/Australia)
Terra Ingredients
Terroir Seeds, LLC
Texas Natural Feeds
Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative
Thandaza Milling
Thayer Feed & Seed
The Andersons
The DeLong Company, Inc.
The Detox Project
The European GMO-Free Citizens (Europe)
The Fertrell Company
The Harvest Company / Hiland Naturals
The Jacobsen
The Land Institute
The Living Seed Company
The Natural Soybean and Grain Alliance
The Nature Institute
The Norgrow Partnership (Europe)
The Oil Barn
The Redwood Group
Thew Arnott & Company, Ltd. (Europe)
Thompsons Limited (Canada)
Thymly Products, Inc.
Tiba Starch & Glucose
Tiger Soy, LLC
TLS Mercantile, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
To Your Health Sprouted Flour Co.
Top Health Ingredients, Inc. (Canada)
Topstrata Consulting (Asia/Australia)
Trace Cooperative
TraceConsult (Europe)
Tracomac, SARL
Trans Globe
TransAgra International, Inc.
Tri-State Crush, LLC
Triple Crown Nutrition, Inc.
True Leaf Market
Truly Grass Fed / Glanbia Nutritionals (Europe)
TÜV NORD Integra (Europe)
TYR, Inc.
Ultra Pure, LLC
Union Point Custom Feeds
United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA)
United Organic Resources, Inc.
Unity Seed
University of Arkansas-Cooperative Extension Service
University of Minnesota
University of Missouri Delta Research Center
Upcycled Food Association
US Nisshin Shokai, Inc.
Valley Ridge Farm
Van Tone Creative Flavors, Inc.
Vandaele Seeds, Ltd. (Canada)
Vantage Organic Foods, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Vegan Pro Nutrients, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Venkatesh Naturals, Inc.
Versatile Products and Ingredients, Inc.
Vescor Marketing, Inc. (Canada)
Victory Hemp Foods
Victory Seed Company
Vigilance OGM (Canada)
Vilina Refined Oil (Asia/Australia)
Vimala Food Products (Asia/Australia)
Vippy Industries, Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Virtex Farm Foods (Canada)
Vitae Naturals (Europe)
Vitalis Organic Seeds
Viterra (Canada)
Vlieger Farm Supply, Inc.
VLOG (Verband Lebensmittel Ohne Gentechnik) (Europe)
vpk by Maharishi Ayurveda
Wannamaker Seeds
WeFARM Organics
Wehrmann Farms, Ltd. (Canada)
Welter Seed & Honey Co.
Wenger Feeds, LLC
Westco Ingredients & Chemicals, Inc.
Western Foods
Western Milling
Where Food Comes From, Inc.
Whole Grain Milling, Co.
Wholesome Grain Solutions
Wilmar Nutrition (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Windy Acres Farm
Wisdom in the Willows
Wood Prairie Farm
Yorktown Organics, LLC
Zeeland Farm Services, Inc. / Zeeland Food Services, Inc.
Zinc Agro (Latin/South America)
Zook Molasses Company