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130 East 10th St.
North Bend, NE  68649
United States
Phone: 402-652-3675
Fax: 402-652-3675
Contact: Mike Williams
Products: Organic and non-GMO row crop grains and small grains: corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, millet, barley, rye, triticale, milo/sorghum
Non-GMO Status Supported By: We provide acceptable testing through lab standards, and as required for client requested standards (both organic and Non-GMO Project testing)
Organic Bean and Grain
1795 W. Akron Rd.
Caro, MI  48723
United States
Phone: 989-673-6402
Fax: 517-673-8687
Contact: Mark Vollmar
Products: Non-GMO and organic soybeans, corn (yellow, blue, feed), dry beans, wheat, spelt, all non-GMO conditioning
Organic Farmers of Michigan, LLC
P.O. Box 117
Snover, MI  48472
United States
Phone: 810-404-9345
Fax: 989-872-3733
Contact: Steve Steely: 810-404-9305; Stacey Steely: 810-404-9347
Products: Marketing of organic grains and beans: soybeans, other edible beans, corn, hay, wheat, oats, rye, barley, spelt, buckwheat, and transitional crops
Organic Partners International, LLC
2705 E. Burnside St., Ste. 214
Portland, OR  97214
United States
Phone: 503-445-1065
Products: Bulk supplier of organic oils, grains, seeds, ingredients, starches, sweeteners, and more
Organic Valley Family of Farms / CROPP Cooperative
One Organic Way
La Farge, WI  54639
United States
Phone: 888-444-6455
Fax: 608-625-2600
Contact: John Marin
Products: Oregon Tilth certified organic dairy, meat, and produce
Organica Seed
P.O. Box 611
Wilbraham, MA  01095
United States
Phone: 413-283-6463
Products: Non-GMO and organic rice, cotton, vegetable, strawberry, pumpkin, herb, medicinal herb, flower, and tea seeds; organic fertilizer and more
Organically Grown Company
1800-B Prairie Rd.
Eugene, OR  97402
United States
Phone: 541-689-5320 / 800-937-9677
Fax: 541-607-7997
Products: Largest wholesaler of organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs in the Pacific Northwest
Non-GMO Status Supported By: Certified organic produce handler
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
2428 Old Hwy. 99 South Rd.
Mount Vernon, WA  98273
United States
Phone: 360-424-7333
Fax: 360-424-8900
Products: Vegetable, herb, flower, and cover crop seed
Ozark Organics, LLC
19 Prairie Lane
Buffalo, MO  65622
United States
Phone: 417-345-4300
Fax: 417-345-4301

Contact: Clark Hostetler
Products: All organic and non-GMO: soybean meal, soybean oil, custom feed mixes, corn, soybeans, wheat
Pacific Ag Commodities
P.O. Box 348376
Sacramento, CA  95834
United States
Phone: 916-419-8590
Fax: 916-419-8592
Contact: Christopher Cota
Products: Non-GMO and organic food products: rice, rice by-products, and co-products; non-GMO and organic feed products including canola, corn and corn products, soybean products, and whole cottonseed

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