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Wild Garden Seed
P.O. Box 1509
Philomath, OR  97370
United States
Phone: 541-929-4068
Contact: Frank Morton
Products: Organic seed and vegetable farm producing original varieties of many salad greens, vegetables, herbs, and a few flowers
Windy Acres Farm
5552 Dixon Rd.
Orlinda, TN  37141
United States
Phone: 615-654-3599
Contact: Alfred Farris
Products: Certified organic food and feed grains: yellow corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, and hairy vetch
Non-GMO Status Supported By: Organic certification
Wixon, Inc.
1390 E. Bolivar Ave.
St. Francis, WI  53235
United States
Phone: 414-769-3000
Fax: 414-769-3024
Products: Non-GMO and organic seasoning creations and flavoring systems; also non-GMO and organic Mag-nifique technologies, a collection of 18 all-natural flavor modifiers
Wood Prairie Farm
49 Kinney Rd.
Bridgewater, ME  04735
United States
Phone: 207-429-9765 / 800-829-9765
Fax: 207-429-8201
Contact: Jim Gerritsen
Products: Certified organic seed potatoes, organic vegetable and cover crop seeds
World Food Processing
811 Glenwood Ave.
Minneapolis, MN  55405
United States
Phone: 612-400-1420
Contact: Tyler Lorenzen
Products: USA grown and manufactured non-GMO and certified organic: pea protein isolates (PURISPea), whole pulse powders (PURISWhole), hexane-free soy protein (PURISSoy), soybean seed and meal, corn, corn seed, and feed
Non-GMO Status Supported By: Non-GMO Project Verified facilities and products, IP certificates, non-GMO affidavits, organic certification
Yorktown Organics, LLC
29990 Illinois Hwy. 92
Tampico, IL  61283
United States
Phone: 815-438-2543
Fax: 815-438-2546
Contact: Ralph Kropf
Products: Certified organic soybeans and soybean meal, certified organic feed mill, and extruding/expelling facility
Zeeland Farm Services, Inc. / Zeeland Food Services, Inc.
2525 84th Ave.
Zeeland, MI  49464
United States
Phone: 800-748-0595 / 616-772-9042
Fax: 616-772-7075
darwinr@zfsinc.com; robbm@zfsinc.com
Contact: Darwin Rader (soybean meal, food-grade beans and corn), Robb Meeuwsen (oil)
Products: Non-GMO: soybean meal and oil (food and feed-grade), corn, soybean seed, low saturated fat soybean oil, low linolenic soybean oil
Non-GMO Status Supported By: Cert ID certified to 99.1% non-GMO, the EU standard; valid-IT certificate of conformity
Zook Molasses Company
4960 Horseshoe Pike
Honey Brook, PA  19344
United States
Phone: 610-273-3776

Contact: Jim Yeingst / John Cucinella
Products: Non-GMO: corn syrup, rice syrup, and tapioca syrup; organic: brown rice syrup, molasses, and sugar
Non-GMO Status Supported By: Non-GMO affidavits from international exporters

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