A buyer's guide to suppliers of non-GMO and organic seeds, grains, ingredients, feed and foods

The Non-GMO Sourcebook suppliers of non-gmo food products

Company/Organization Details

#15-337-7B, Varada Nagar
Gudur S.P.S.R. Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh  524101
Phone: 91-88-0190-3317

Contact: Lakshminarayana Devareddy
Products: Non-GMO: rice (non-basmati, basmati) long/medium/short grain, broken rice, white, parboiled, rice flour, de-oiled rice bran, yellow corn/maize, maize starch/maize flour, wheat, wheat flour, sunflower seeds/meal, ground nuts/peanuts, cassava/tapioca starch, arrowroot, tapioca pearls, maltodextrin, soybeans (food/feed grade), rape (seed/meal), all pulses, guargum (food/industrial), jaggery, sugar, sorghum, barley, cashews, chili pepper, dried onion, mango pulp, all millet, spices, animal feed, and more
Non-GMO Status Supported By: All non-GMO, and organic certification for some products in process