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Company/Organization Details

Sonic Biochem Extractions, Ltd. (India)
38, Patel Nagar
Indore, MP  452001
Phone: 00-9173-1477-0400
Fax: 00-9173-1258-0464
Contact: Girish Laad
Products: Non-GMO: deoiled sunflower lecithin (powder), sunflower lecithin liquid, deoiled soy lecithin (powder), soy lecithin liquid standard, soy phosphatidyl choline 35% (PC-35), soy phosphatidyl choline 50% (PC-50), soy phosphatidyl choline 30% (powder), organic soybean meal
Non-GMO Status Supported By: Cert-ID certified; have own PCR lab for testing non-GMO