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Briess Malt & Ingredients Co.
625 S. Irish Rd.
Chilton, WI  53014
United States
Phone: 920-849-7711
Fax: 920-849-4277
Contact: Ann Heus
Products: Non-GMO, natural specialty grain- and starch-based ingredients for flavor, color, and function; malt extracts, malted milk powder, pregelatinized grains, GF natural sweeteners, roasted grains, and maltodextrins; many ingredients available as organic
Brownseed Genetics, Inc.
N1279 530th St. / P.O. Box 7
Bay City, WI  54723
United States
Phone: 715-594-3355
Fax: 715-594-3390
Contact: Deb Drotos
Products: Non-GMO and organic hybrid seed corn, ValuePlus® nutrient enhanced hybrid seed corn, Purity Plus™ validation protocol to show seed does not contain GMOs
Non-GMO Status Supported By: AOSCA crop improvement associations validation, Eurofins/BioDiagnostics genetic lab validation, non-GMO affidavits, organic certification
Brushvale Seed, Inc.
1656 280th St.
Breckenridge, MN  56520
United States
Phone: 218-643-2311
Fax: 218-643-8110
Contact: Travis Meyer
Products: Identity preserved non-GMO food-grade soybeans in bags, totes, or bulk, and shipped by container, truck, or rail; also non-GMO: yellow dent corn and hard red spring wheat, shipped bulk by container, truck, or rail
Non-GMO Status Supported By: Non-GMO Project verification
Buffalo Molasses
1830 Perry Rd.
North Java, NY  14113
United States
Phone: 716-714-9709
Contact: Joshua Prezyna
Products: Non-GMO Project Verified and organic molasses, feed grade only
Non-GMO Status Supported By: Certified organic and Non-GMO Project Verified
1391 Timberlake Manor Pkwy.
Chesterfield, MO  63017
United States
Phone: 314-292-2000
Contact: Darren Moody
Products: Whole Harvest: liquid oils (organic soybean, high oleic sunflower, soybean, and canola), expeller pressed oils (canola and soy), culinary base (ColdChurn liquid butter alternative), pan sprays (canola lecithin, sunflower, and soybean)
Non-GMO Status Supported By: Non-GMO Project Verified, USDA certified organic
Buxton Feed Co.
49552 NW Pongratz Rd. / P.O. Box 644
Banks, OR  97106-0644
United States
Phone: 503-324-1511 / 503-707-1809
Contact: Jim Sorenson
Products: Forty pound bags of non-GMO: 5-grain scratch, chick starter 20% fine mash, layer grower 20% pellet, layer 16% pellet, broiler-grower pelleted feed 20%, 10% cuddle bunny, 16% and 18% rabbit feed, 16% milk goat, 16% dairy cow
Non-GMO Status Supported By: Greenstar certified GMO-free products
Byron Seeds, LLC
775 N. 350 E.
Rockville, IN  47872
United States
Phone: 800-801-3596
Contact: Dwayne Colvin
Products: Wide range of seeds including cool and warm season grasses, legumes (alfalfa, clover, forbs), Masters Choice corn varieties, triticale, and small grains (oats, barley, wheat, rye, spelt), pasture mixes, hay, cover crops, brassicas, and forages
Non-GMO Status Supported By: Non-GMO Project verification
C3 Feeds, LLC
1469 US Hwy. 59, Ste. B
Moran, KS  66755
United States
Phone: 620-363-4986
Fax: 620-363-4986
Contact: Jason Elliott
Products: Non-GMO and organic feed: soybean meal, soybean oil; buying non-GMO and organic soybeans; livestock feed rations
Non-GMO Status Supported By: Organic certification, GMO test results, onsite testing
California Natural Products
1250 E. Lathrop Rd.
Lathrop, CA   95330
United States
Phone: 209-858-2525
Fax: 209-858-4076
Contact: John Ashby
Products: Organic and conventional ingredients derived from rice, including syrup, syrup solids, protein, starch, and oligodextrins; also tapioca syrups and solids
Callingwood Agricultural Services
1685 H St. #471
Blaine, WA  98230
United States
Phone: 778-805-9922
Products: Non-GMO food grade soybeans, organic soybeans, high protein soybeans from USA/Canada to worldwide
Non-GMO Status Supported By: Identity preserved certificates

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