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The Organic & Non-GMO Sourcebook suppliers of non-gmo food products

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The 2022 Non-GMO Sourcebook features over 750 non-GMO suppliers and service providers, including:
Non-GMOreport.com Seed companies
Non-GMOreport.com Growers
Non-GMOreport.com Grain suppliers/exporters
Non-GMOreport.com Processors
Non-GMOreport.com Ingredient manufacturers
Non-GMOreport.com Food manufacturers
Non-GMOreport.com GMO testing labs
Non-GMOreport.com GMO test kit manufacturers
Non-GMOreport.com Identity Preservation consultants
Non-GMOreport.com Organic certifiers

You'll also find:
Non-GMOreport.com Extensive list of non-GMO soy, corn, and canola products
Non-GMOreport.com Organic seeds, grains, and ingredients
Non-GMOreport.com Grains and ingredients made from rice, wheat, and other non-GMO sources
Non-GMOreport.com Easy to use index by product category
Non-GMOreport.com Tips on sourcing non-GMO seed, grains, and ingredients